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My Dog Dad Larry was the smartest dog I’ve ever known—may he rest in peace in doggy heaven. He would astound her at every turn. My Human tells the story of a time when she was walking in the park with Larry.  Larry would be off leash and would bound into the woods and then return to my Human’s side and then bound once again into the woods.  Once my Human heard Larry barking and barking, went to look for the dog and found him rolling a turtle toward her.  Did he invent the wheel?  He couldn’t pick the turtle up in his mouth and bring it to her to see, so he rolled it over to her.  Impressive.

One other thing that made Larry impressive was his ability to clear a room with his flatulence. He never made a sound but that beast could fill a room with the foulest stench.

My Human was complaining about this to my vet and she told me that she should add a couple of tablespoons of plain yogurt to his meal and the flatulence would subside. She was right.

The only other fart story involving Larry happened one morning.  It was obvious that my Human’s digestive system woke earlier than she.  She let out a long noisy toot and Larry—who slept under the covers and in the small of her back—started madly breast stroking to escape his undercover doom.  Once obtaining freedom, he immediately began digging at the covers near the culprit orifice—as if he would kill it somehow.

We subsequently began to add plain yogurt to everyones breakfast.

HONORING LARRY—The original wonder dog

Larry the Wonder Dog 1

My human Mom wants to tell you a story about my Dad Dog,

“I had this idea, no really it was Beth Schreibman Gehring’s recommendation that I self-publish something so that I may further advance my author’s platform and be able to post essays from my memoir on author’s websites like Good Reads.

Beth still thinks the memoir should find the traditional path to publishing and asked me to come up with another book idea.

At first I thought of self-publishing a cookbook—big yawn.

Then one night I dreamt of my late dog Larry. That dog taught me so many life lessons. He could calm an angry room with a jump into your lap and placing his paws on your chest and look deep into your eyes.

His adventures gave me many stories to tell to friends and family. His prodigious ways always astounded me. He was always able to get out of problematic situations—some of these situations he created himself—in the most ingenious ways.   Ergo the birth of “Lawrence the Wonder Dog.”

I illustrated and wrote this children’s picture book with so much enthusiasm and joy. I was amazed that I didn’t get melancholy because we lost Larry some time ago. I had the feeling that Larry was watching over me and egging me on to tell his best stories. Like I’ve said in the past, “The words flowed out of my mind, through my fingertips, and onto the computer screen.” And, the images of the Lawrence adventures floated around in my head until they literally ripped onto the page.

I also thought it important to use a special font. Although the font looks like a traditional typeface, Dyslexie by Christian Boer is designed specifically for people with dyslexia – a neurological disorder that causes a disconnect between language and visual processing making it difficult for the brain to process text. I suffer from dyslexia and would have probably enjoyed more books while growing up if this font were available.

I have always felt it an honor to welcome a pet into ones heart and home.  One can learn many life lessons from the pet’s point of view with mindful observation.  With this book, I send encouragement to anyone who wants to explore a graceful manner to solve some everyday problems they may encounter with their children.

I need to thank my dear friend Sara Kraber who convinced me that I could write and I must thank Beth Schreibman Ghering for prodding me into using my artistic talents. Dave Mendel needs to be thanked for offering me, and unexpectedly only me, the gift that was Lawrence when Bawruu, his Dog Mom, had one more puppy than he anticipated.  Carol Donaldson must be mentioned as she taught me many lessons on how to parent and train these hardheaded and lovable Jacks.

The first book in the series was published on April 4, 2015. I promise I’ll keep you up to date on future publications.
Write on,
Maggy Brown”

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