My Dog Mom told me,

“The house had become too quiet-with no enthusiastic greeting when I came home, and for the first time in a long time I felt lonely.

My new Vet called me a on Friday while she was volunteering at Rescue Village and said that there was a dog that I must see. She sent me a picture and I got extremely excited. The little white diamond on her brown forehead (muzzle) made her look quite fancy. She has that concerned but serene gaze, which she shares with the Lawrence clan. Dr. Gretchen told me that I couldn’t see the dog in person until Saturday at noon because she had just been spayed and was in recovery.

I got so excited that I went to Rescue Village later that afternoon anyway. They wouldn’t let me see the dog but took my info and told me to come back when they open at noon Saturday—I was in the parking lot at 11:30am and I was not the first to arrive.

An elderly man who was there waiting greeted me with a pleasant smile. He was as curious as to which dog I wanted as I to his choice. Fortunately, he was there for a hound puppy and not my little Jack.

A staff member recognized me from the evening before and whisked me in a bit before the doors opened. She led me into a private room and went to get the pup.

The little girl was a bit distracted at first so we didn’t bond immediately. It probably took 1 minutes and until-DUH- I decided to sit on the floor. She scampered over, sat on my lap and licked my face. We got to know each other while we played with a stuffed toy and a ball in the small room as the other curious pet finders passed by the windows to see us in our happy seclusion.

The staff allowed me to take her for a short walk in their back yard and she was pretty obedient, didn’t pull too much on the lead and didn’t charge or bark at another dog that appeared. She sat on command, but didn’t seam to want to lie down.

They were calling her Mya, (maya) but she didn’t come or respond to that name. I have since re-named her Betty. She is the same size as Lola was but weighs a bit more—muscle mass, I suppose. She doesn’t seem to need to bark. Not a peep was heard when my friend Lisa came through the gate while we were hanging out on the front porch. She didn’t bark at a dog walker, who passed just on the other side on our fence. She didn’t even bark at the postman.

She slept through the night without incident and was quick to do her morning pee pee outside. She is happy to follow me around or hang out on her dog bed in the dining room adjacent to my computer writing station, which is my dining room table.


I could go on and on and fill this page with the 100 pictures I’ve taken since her arrival into my heart and home. I believe I have found another dream dog.”

VIVA Betty & Write on,

Maggy Brown
for Lawrence Jr.

My dog Mamma is gone.

Regally observing.

Lola passed lounging in her favorite spot—where of late she complained a bit less about ageing. She was in my human’s Mom’s lap on the bench on the front porch of our cottage on a temperate afternoon in Chagrin Falls. She her 14 years of joy and gave this world 7 puppies who’ve in turn have given their Humans as much joy.

Lola’s first litter, I’m the one in the front.

She was cute as a button and sweet while being fierce as any Momma Dog could be. She had always been the stuffed toy animal who came to life for my human Mom.

Lola’s first day home.

We will miss her terribly.

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