late to the pet ownership party.

Sometimes my Human Mom wants to share some of her thoughts and I’m always ‘yappy’ to help.

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“I was late to the party on pet ownership. I was too busy traveling the world producing and filming international television commercials, while living in Italy, to care for a pet. I returned to the States in my late thirties and a colleague gave me a Jack Russell Terrier when his Momma Jack had one more puppy than was anticipated. I named him Lawrence—Larry for short. That dog became my world and subsequently became my fiancés running partner and sidekick, even at our wedding. A dear friend suddenly lost her dog and wanted a ‘Larry’ of her very own. I rescued a female Jack, who I named Lola, from a puppy mill. She became Lawrence’s wife and gave us three precious pups. My friend fell in love with the first-born, whom she named Freddie. That pup helped rescue her from the sadness of mourning her beloved dog.

I have come to believe pets rescue us as much we rescue them.

I recently had to make the difficult decision to put Lola to rest because of a descending paralysis while I was in the midst of a painful divorce. I am an only child and rarely feel loneliness. I spent the loneliest week of my life until my ‘Angel’ Vet, Dr. Gretchen, called from Rescue Village to tell me there was a 1 y/o female Jack that she knew was for me and I must adopt. My new Betty rescued me in a poignant moment of my life. Of course, we went to obedience classes together so I would be reminded how to raise up a very good dog.

I began collaging dogs when I was illustrating and writing the first book of the Lawrence the Wonder Dog™ series last year. I plan to write and illustrate as many children’s picture books as there are adventures my dog Lawrence shared with me. All of these adventures have a parallel message for children.

The first, Lawrence The Wonder Dog Outwits the Bullies, shows Lawrence using an alternative method to handling bullying. The second book is close to my heart as my sister died young from the measles—about the seriousness of getting vaccinated. The third will address good citizenship and pet education, as two ferocious dogs—off their leashes, attacked a dear friends dog recently.

I am so pleased to announce that I’m being considered for the Heights Arts Pet Project. I had wanted to display my collages at Rescue Village and other rescue organizations while donating a portion of my sales back to these incredible causes. Heights Arts Pet Project will allow me to broaden that reach.

Write on,
Maggy Brown”

Pet Portrait Collages, Anyone?


My human Mom having so much fun creating art for her children’s picture book series about me, Lawrence the Wonder Dog. It all started with ripped paper backgrounds to depict the beach and seaside for the first book and then she explored collaging the dogs. You should have seen the mess she created all on her own–without my help.

She talks a lot while she’s working and I hear her tell me,

“The NY Times Mutual Fund report spoke to me to depict white fur—is white really just white? Jack Russell Terriers are covered with more white fur than brown or black. Construction paper has a nice fur-like texture for the brown patched and dark gray wallpaper can give the black spots more texture.

I discovered I needed to illustrate other dogs for my upcoming children’s book: Lawrence the Wonder Dog Gets Vaccinated. At first I was downloading random dogs from the Internet and making collages. I decided to ask my close friends just before Christmas for cherished photos of their precious pets so that I could get the images I desired and make thoughtful gifts.

I use old wallpaper samples, the NY Times Mutual Fund reports, scanned fabric swatches and such. It is uncanny how I can capture the pet’s personality by merely using bits of different colored and patterned papers.”

Would you like a portrait of your pet?

Please send me, Lawrence a Love Note or email the artist, my human Mom,, for more information.

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Children's Books Written and Illustrated Written by Maggy Brown